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I just got a Samsung Odyssey and am able to run other Steam games in it with no issues.  When I try to launch X-Plane in VR mode, my screen shows the hanger that should be displaying, and moving my headset around controls the view on the screen.  However, inside the headset itself, it's just pure black.  Nothing displayed at all.  I made a short video showing what I see (the right monitor shows what the VR headset displays).  Any suggestions of how to fix this?

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I have the same thing, please post if there's a remedy.
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There is.  You have a Radeon video card right?  There's some compatibility problem with the v18 (Adrenalin) drivers and XPlane.  If you downgrade to the v17 (Crimson) driver, it'll fix the issue.  Not ideal, but it's holding me over until XPlane fixes the issue or the v19 drivers are released.

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I think my issue is different. I just got the PC setup yesterday and I have a Zotac GeForce RTX 2080 card with a 43" 4k TV as monitor via hdmi. There is only one hdmi output on the 2080... so I ran the motherboard graphics hdmi to the TV, and the GPU hdmi to the Odyssey... which looks like it works, but doesn't. I ran another game that didn't work in the same blank-space in the headset manner, but at least it told me that I have to use the same graphics card to feed both the HMD and the main monitor. So I must get a DP to hdmi 4k cable to fix it. Or so I think now.
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Yup.  I had that exact same issue in addition to the driver one.  I believe that will fix it for you.
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great, thanks!

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