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I’m running XPlane 11 (PC), new user. Everything is working great except I cannot actuate any com function on any of the radios. When I go to set up the keystroke or controller key assignment, the assignment is accepted but then nothing happens when I actuate the defined keystroke/button.  I’m sure this is something simple, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Thx in advance.

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not sure try getting vastim, and squawkbox then you can talk to real people for free.
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Hi! Thanks for your question and welcome to X-Plane! I am afraid that we do not have working voice coms for ATC at the moment. You can get X-Plane ATC with the <return> key. Thanks!
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don't even try xplane atc its horrible and needs major upgrading

just do vastim and you can talk to real people
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Thank you for the responses!

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