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I am running x-plae 10.45r2 on a Macintosh mini (late 2014) OS X 10.11.3. Before I can us my USB pedals and Yoke, I am required to unplug them, wait, then plug them in again for x-plane to "see" them. This is needed every time I start x-plane.

What is the correct process to let x-plane use the devices without x-plane needing to see them as new devices. The settings are still there after the re-plugging in.

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X-Plane should see them whether you start with them plugged in or plug them in later. Please file a bug report about this here. We will need complete log.txt files from both situations. So, in your report include a copy of the log.txt from the main folder by:

Starting X-Plane with them plugged in (I assume this is the way you usually start) then quit. Please rename the log IMMEDIATELY or X-Plane will write over it. 

Start X-Plane again then do the unplug, wait, plug in process you have to do in order to use your equipment. Quit & rename that log.txt file as well.

Then attach both copies of the log.txt to the bug report form and list all the steps you take to see and then fix the problem.