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I want to buy a gaming pc that will suit x plane well. I was thinking of buying a cyber power pc.  [ if u look up gaming pc on amazon it is the first one to come up] Would this run x plane well? I am looking to buy a pc that costs under 1100 usd. If this doesn't run x plane well can someone recommend a different pc?



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Build the pc yourself.
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Hi Paul,

I am not from Laminar Research or XForcePC; just a flight simmer from down under.

Because you want to spend US dollars I assume you live in the USA.

Have a look at the following link regarding X-Plane issues from Michael Brown found at  Michael operates a company called XForcePC that specialises in building PCs for flight simulation and specialises in PCs for X-Plane.  The link and contact details for XForcePC can be found at    Michael is quite open at any time  to discuss your needs.  They will build and "tune-up" or configure a PC that suits your needs and budget.

This company I understand operates in the same town as Laminar Research and is recommended by Laminar Research as the only supplier of PCs in the USA suitable for X-Plane.

Good luck with your purchase.