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I have a machine with an AMD Phenom II X4 840 Processor 3.20Ghz, 8 GB RAM, 64-bit OS and an NVidia card with enough power. I'm planning on upgrading the RAM to 16GB. My only concern is the processor powerful enough? I did see it compares to an Intel i5 processor. Thanks for the help!!

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Minimum Hardware Requirements:
- CPU: Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 CPU with 2 or more cores, or AMD equivalent. (Dual-core CPUs slower than 3 GHz should try the demo before purchasing.)
- Memory: 8 GB RAM
- Video Card: a DirectX 11-capable video card from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel with at least 1 GB VRAM

You can also try the demo first. The full version of the simulator will perform exactly the same as the demo - neither better nor worse.
You can read more about X-Plane 11 System Requirements here.

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