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I'm having a problem with installation of the demo version of the X-Plane 11. I downloaded the zip file (installer) and tried to run the installation. I opened the installer and started with "licence" part, agreed with the user licence agreement and then it started checking servers. It searched for a few minutes and then went to "Finish" part saying "Finished Web Demo Install. There was a problem installing the X-Plane 11 Demo. Please check your internet connection and try again. The technical problem was: couldn't connect to server". I've tried multiple times and everytime the same thing happens at this point. I live in Russia and I don't think this problem is location related as we have a lot of users of this game here. Is there anyone else who experienced the same problem?

What can I do in order to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm in Australia and today had the unfortunate experience of downloading scenery as part of PAID install of Xplane11. Download speed kept going down to zero, then up to very slow. 6 hours later, it "finished", only to tell me probably some of the files/scenery  were corrupted.

 All this time I frequently checked net speed - normal and reasonably fast for every other site I tried as a check. So Denis737, I sympathize. No idea how to solve... and I'm not looking forward to trying to download again :(
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I hope we will find a way to solve this issue.
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Hello, Pilots! I have the same problem with download X-plane 10 and 11 update with Installer: "could not connect to server, contact with support"- so, it is a big problem of X-plane team. I hope, the staff of Laminar Research team may resolve the problem as soon as posible, or give for Us correct link to download the latest version.

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is your wifi strong?
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Yes, I have fast WiFi with strong connection without any interferiences.