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X-Plane fine.  Bug showed in PLANE-MAKER.EXE after following the instruction at

 III. Creating an Aircraft File

Save-As to the following location: X-Plane 10\Aircraft\My Custom Planes\VTOL\my_new_VTOL.acf

There was no My Custom Planes directory, and no option to create the directory, so I went to Explorer and created the directory X-Plane 10\Aircraft\My Custom Planes\

Then entered in the Save-As dialog:  My Custom Planes\EuropaXS

Then when I noticed you didn't add the extension acf added it myself from windows explorer renamed the file to X-Plane 10\Aircraft\EuropaXS.acf 

Now when I start PLANE-MAKER it throws 

  1. 0:00:01.493 E/SYS: | OOPS! I got a bad dirchar! I only want '/'! 
  2. 0:00:01.493 E/SYS: | The path in question is:
  3. 0:00:01.493 E/SYS: | Aircraft/My Custom Planes\Europa
  4. 0:00:01.493 E/SYS: | (xmap.cpp:171)

Fix anyone?....


PS: I'm not totally incompetent... in Unity3D anyway! Try SKIGULL on or directly at

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I was not able to reproduce this error on a Mac or Windows computer by following the steps you provided.

Are you using a Linux system? You did not provide your log.txt which would have that information in it. One thing to check is the file path and file name. Is there an accidental space at the end of the acf file? Such as Europa .acf? Does your OS have problems with the spaces in the entire file path? Perhaps renaming it to Aircraft/My_Custom_Planes ?