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Hey !
When i put the DVD in there is no answer from the system... my Laptop doesn't even recon the DVD.. there is just an empty drive... any suggestions  ?

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Hi huci,

What have you tried so far? Are you able to download & install the demo? Do you have another computer you could try the DVD on to see if it's a problem with the DVD vs. the laptop's disc reader? Do other DVDs work on your laptop?

Of course you can always try the basic troubleshooting: clean off the disc, restart your laptop, etc, and retry it.
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hi jroberts

Thank you for your answer!
I have tried almost everything.. i can install the demo .. the DVD work on other PCs .. other DVD's work on my laptop .. so I'm pretty much out of ideas .. i have cleaned the disc .. i have restarted serveral times..

any other suggestions ?
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Sounds like it's time to email customer support and let them know what you've tried with no luck so far. [email protected] They'll let you know your options for replacement.