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Hi Guys

After leaving XP11 on the shelf for a bit over a year decided to spin it up and purchasing some Orbx scenery.

Pretty much no matter what I try I'm hitting the Error 56 when running the update. I'm not a Steam user.

On my new PC have tried fresh install and demo install. Last tried copying directory structure from old PC, activating, and then using About to update.  Same result.


0:00:12.136 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Welcome" to "Pick Destination"

0:00:12.136 I/DST: Set initial target to C:\Users/admin/Desktop/Xplane11/X-Plane 11/

0:00:14.464 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Pick Destination" to "Check Servers"

0:00:22.384 E/NET: Download failed with error: 56 for URL

0:00:22.446 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Check Servers" to "Finish"


Any bright ideas?



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Hi Guys

Closing the loop on this.  Retried the next evening and it worked (phew!), only difference at my end was on the successful evening I was also concurrently downloading other updates to the PC, which would really surprise me if that was the fix.

I did capture the failed event in wireshark, what I saw was a TCP reset coming from CDN node, either while or immediately after the is downloaded.