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Recently I received the Logitech x52 Professional HOTAS as a Christmas present. However, when I got on the play X-Plane with the joystick, throttle, and MFD already connected, I realized that the joystick is not compatible with X-Plane. And I thought "Oh, that's fine, I'll just calibrate it and assign the keys myself" but then I saw this video (, where it actually SHOWS the picture AND (I'm not sure if he assigned the buttons before the video) but the buttons were automatically assigned. Is this an issue? Is the Saitek and Logitech version different? What can I do?

YouTube Video: 

In comparison to my screen...:

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Hi Novikeks,

I'm not sure if you have sorted this out yet but here is my solution:

I am using Windows 10 Home Edition Version 1903.

I went to my Device Manager in Windows and saw that in the Human Interface Devices that my X52 was recognised as "X52 Professional H.O.T.A.S."

Next I went to the Xplane/Resouces/joystick configs folder and edited in Notepad the file called Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System - I then edited the line (about 6 lines down) to read "Name: X52 Professional H.O.T.A.S.". Then ran Xplane 11 and in the joystick settings the pictures now appear. 


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exactly the same problem here? No answer?
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Hi novikeks and schaumerma101,

I am not from Laminar Research or XForcePC;  just a flight simmer from down under.

I do not use the equipment you use.  In very early Q&A questions in this forum there were problems with this equipment.

You have probably watched the wrong video and should watch the YouTube video by MIchael Brown which can be found at  Watch the video and follow the principle of configuring your controls within X-Plane. You chose what buttons etc are assigned to what process.

Michael owns and operates a business that builds PCs suitable for flight simulation and predominantly for X-Plane.  His company is endorsed by Laminar Research as the recommended supplier of PCs suitable for X-Plane in the USA.  So he does have some credibility on what he says.

Good luck