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Good day. Help me please. In fly from OMDB to RPLL, x-planee 11 was crashed with reports. In log-file are errors, like
"9:49:16.062 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +14+111
9:56:38.661 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +13+112
9:56:38.705 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +15+112
9:56:38.734 I/DSF: Warning for missing scenery file: +14+112" and e.t.c.
What is the files? Scenary RPLL work correctly. I fly one year at Russia and haven`t this problem. May be it about translations between continents?
Best regard,
Omelnitsky Andrey

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I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I would suggest you update your version to XP11.26.  This is the latest official version.  

There is a version 11.30 but is still in the testing phase.  Unless you know what you are doing in X-Plane ie having a considerable X-Plane knowledge base, stay away from this update.  You may be asked if you want to update to this latest beta version.  Say no.

If you are currently running XP11.26 I would suggest running the "installer" file.  This file should find any corrupted  and or missing files and fix the problem.

Good luck.


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