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Dear support,

I've just bought the full version of x-plane 11 pc version. Weeks ago I've downloaded x-plane 10 tablet version on my tablet ( with 2 airplanes purchased). Is there a way to get a similar full version on tablet without plus charge? I mean airports, routes and whatever involved?

Thank you in advance

My best regards and... Happy new year!

Roberto Meloni

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Hi rmeloni71,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Further back in this forum others have asked a question of the same type.

The official answer I have seen is Laminar Research is concentrating on the development of XP11 and any other variations have been placed on hold.  

With the development of 11.30 taking far longer than anticipated I am of the opinion that any variations to a mobile version of X-Plane is a long way off.

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Thank you Glenn,

I appreciate your help. Flying with tablet is a non-sense sim experience but I think that learning how to startup a particular aircraft or how to program a FMC would be useful when is not possible to do it on a pc, also comfortable.... but it doesn't matter so much.

Thank you!