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The image generated for the VR helmet would be quite suitable for a 3D TV, but it cannot be obtained without a helmet connection.
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It depends what type of 3d TV. Polarized 3d (glasses required), active shutter (glasses required) or parailax barrier (no glasses required). I don't think X-Plane 11 VR will work with polarized 3d (I wish it would. Less expensive and I have polarized 3d TV). It might work with active shutter. I don't know about parallax barrier.
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The VR helmet uses the same video format as the TV to create a stereo image. Namely, two pictures for the right and left eyes on one screen, each of which occupies the half of the screen. The distribution of these images is handled by the device and not by the x plane, so the device type does not matter.

The only problem is that the X-Plane gives us the format we need only when the VR helmet is connected.

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