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I installed X plane at Christmas and had crash after crash, it would run for a couple of minutes max then crash. There were other problems as well, it would not update, it just became unresponsive and the only way to get out of the program was to use task manager.Having tried all the fixes with no results I uninstalled X Plane and did a reinstall. Now it crashes on start up and I get a message:


int rand range negative

Io=0 hi=1


Now stuck with and wondering what to do with what seems a waste of time and money. Perhaps another reinstall to see if it gets worse !

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as a general rule, I would list my PC specs, as this will let someone better understand if there are issues with your PC. Maybe you are trying to run X-Plane on a 32-bit PC, or else. Also, add the X-Plane Installer Log.txt, (it should be on your Desktop), to let someone analyze it and get more information to help you out. I run X-Plane 11 on a 5 year old PC, with 4 GB of RAM, and never had a crash, and I do not believe your issues are X-Plane related per se.