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just the other day I did the update and now my add-ons will not load, In the log file it says this add on is why it crashed but where does this add-on live.  SAL3_Tbient/64/mac.xp[)==-

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did you update to the 11.26 version or the new 11.30 beta version? In this last scenario, there might be some new or changed files in X-Plane that your add-ons are not compatible with, and you might have to ask the add-on developer about it. This is all I can think of if, like you said, X-Plane crashes as you load your add-ons. Should the beta version be the reason for your crashes, I am afraid you might have to do a clean install, and then only update to the latest stable version, unless the add-on developer issues a fix for the new beta. But it is my best guess, and if your add-ons work out of the box with the stable version (11.26) then this is likely the cause.
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Good afternoon

I have installed a fresh version of xplane 11 to my mac, and when i place a copy of S550 citation2 in the it crashes. When you look at the file log it gives the resion for the crash as the above file.