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For example, I start up B737 in X-Plane11 and will use the FMS, I get the message that the database is too old,

(it says in status line, data from 2017). I am not flying online, but I tought I always could use the FMS independent

of purchase new data.

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You can keep using the outdated database in the X-Plane 11, the FMS will be fully operational as is.  It just gradually becomes out of sync with the real world data.  For example, you’ll find the available SIDs and STARs in your FMS to be different from the current publications.  

Yes, it can be a nuisance if you fly online using an out-of-date database.  It’s much less of an issue if you just fly by yourself.  You can always buy a one-time, one month, “subscription” (e.g. Navigraph) to get X-Plane’s database current, for under US$10.

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Thank's for info. But how do I get the FMS to work in my sims?

Some key's is usable, but I can't type anything into the FMS. Why..? The Message I get in the

display is mostly; Key not active or Invalid entry.
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There is an instruction file in the X-Plane\ Instructions folder: “X-Plane FMS Manual.pdf”.  Follow its example and it walks you through the basics for programming the FMS from airport A to airport B.

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Thank's for all help. smiley

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The issue I have seen is that I am not able to type (or enter) anything into the FMS because of the alert of the nav data being out of date. For example when trying to enter a flight plan and trying to enter the departure and arrival airports I am not able to as the nav data is out of date alert will not let me. Any thoughts?
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Hitting the “CLR” button should clear the message for you and allow further inputs, as I recall.

My AIRAC is currently up-to-date, so I really can’t verify that for you. 

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That worked :) So simple lol, Thank you for the information buddy :)