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I just saw a video on you tube that explains that you need tv.

But I do not understand English. Also, could you please tell me what type of TV to use (brand, size, resolution, etc.) for this configuration that I like?

Can only one Nvidia geforce 1080 graphics card be fine for this configuration?

thank you so much
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Hi - I would recommend that you check with Randy at [email protected] on this. Thanks!
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Hi sbbasile,

I have sent you a Private message to cover this question and your previous question.  Unfortunately the translation between the referenced links and French will prove to be a difficulty.

The TV size and brand depends on your requirement.  If you want a screen larger than the largest monitor then go for TVs.  What is more important is the resolution.  Cost will also be the significant factor.  If you can get 3 screens for what you have to spend I suggest going for the TVsX-Plane has been significantly changed the best resolution at this stage is 1920 x 1080.  X-Plane is not known to work too well with 4K resolution.

I am running the same graphics card and will be running 3 43 inch TVs off the card.  In the video links I have given you in the private message, Russ Barlow has connected 3 49 inch screens to run his configuration.

Good luck,