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Hi i would like to know if emergency features exist in x-plane 11

It would be really nice to have some and proceed to emergency procedures & landings

Exp : Emengercy checklist , Contact ATC for emengercy,  squawk 7700.

Thank you !


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X-Plane allows you to set up Failure scenarios—which requires your emergency response.

It is aircraft dependent.  For each aircraft, there are dozens to hundreds of situations or components that can be made to fail.  Failure can come up on-demand, at selected condition, or at set/random time.

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I understand that. i'm talking about the ATC. If we can ask for emengercy landing. Thank you
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Sorry, I Misunderstood.

I’m afraid the X-Plane's built-in ATC is rather limited.  You can only pick from a few canned ATC requests.

There is a free plugin called “124thATC”.  Generally thought to be a bit better.  They allow you to request an alternate airport in midflight, but no specific emergency assistance/handling from ATC per se.

Beyond that, real person online voice ATC services, such as VATSIM, do allow emergency calls.  However, the controller may cooperate, or may deny you and tell you to “stop” the emergency simulation.