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Hi guys,

Xplane 10.45 mac 64bit is crashing every time on the same spot flying this route.


It crashes just passing Joshua Tree NP.

Does anyone know what the cause of this issue might be?

Help is much appreciated ;)

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This log.txt is not from a crash.  Does the same crash occur when you remove all custom scenery and plugins? Please try to recreate the issue without them and upload the log.txt immediately afterwards, without restarting X-Plane.


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Just flew the exact same route but now with the IXEG 737 classic without the crash.

I think the problem could be in the airac data used in the 767 by FF. Maybe when I update that it should be fixed. I hope.
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Hello, I have the same issue with X-Plane 10.45, I haven't flown the same route as you did, but it happens in some flights in an exact point.

I have tried to do the flights without any scenery, and it didn´t happen.

But it doesn't matter which scenery you have installed the problem still occurs.

Any answers?