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Zibo 737, ultimate 737, default 737 as well as scenery and lighting not casting light on ground and objects after updating to 11.31r1.

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It sounds like you’ve encountered a known limitation of X-Plane.  When the “Visual Effects” setting is at Medium (or lower), scenery lighting, as well as interior lighting (such as flash light, dome light) are not rendered.  They are functional when the setting is at High (HDR) or Maximum.

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Huh.. that's funny because all of my setting are maxed except for world objects
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I really noticed it after 11.31r1...Also all of my reflections have ceased to exist.  None.
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Hmm, then I don’t know why.  I just confirmed using 11.31 on my machine that the HDR setting does determine light casting.  While the lighting is not impacted by “Num of World Objects” at all.

A wild guess… perhaps it is due to some plugin.  You may want to experiment by selectively removing your plugins temporarily.

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