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I can get the Cirrus Vision SF50 G1000 to load a STAR with altitudes, when descending into a big airport, and it seems to also provide vertical navigation (VNAV) guidance with the magenta arrows near the altitude and VS strips, but I’m missing the critical steps to get the autopilot to follow this guidance. So for now, I manually enter the stepdown altitude, enter VS mode, and adjust the VS setting to stay on the VNV profile. It works, but it would be cooler to have the autopilot follow the stepdowns. Can anyone provide the missing steps in this process? I thought I saw this buried deep in a video at one point, but I can’t seem to get back to it. Would love a little help from someone who’s done it!

Edit: I think I may have figured it out. It appears the G1000 will follow VNAV guidance, if I select VNV mode, just prior to arriving at the TOD marker, at which point the autopilot starts down the calculated VNAV profile. Can't do it too early or late. This was probably more of a G1000 question from an untrained user, than an X-Plane question.

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