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Hi all,

So i have spent countless days now, tweaking and figuring out what is the problem, now before any puts any fix suggestions bare in mind i have tried everything, i'm also running a very top of the range PC 2080ti, i9 all overclocked and running perfectly, threading is off everything is optimised i get nothing like this in any other game.

It is when a TILE loads, i get a spike the cpu spikes to 100% for a second causing the game to jolt.

I've narrowed it down to that, there is nothing wrong with my system what so ever, and i have tried everything, it seems to be poorly coded to the point where a tile loads, it maximises the ultil,

There is nothing left for me to try/test. so last resort is posting here.

If you are experiencing the same please post here, so i know it's not only me - i know Vulcan is coming and they have also stated stutters will be fixed but wondering if this is the same thing.
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Just want to make sure i'm not going as crazy as the stutters make me haha.

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If you are using the latest version of x-plane, join the club. I have never seen so many people having issues with a sim/game in all my years.

The only hope we have is that Laminar gets it sorted out.
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Hi refuteduk,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.  I am not able to solve your problem.

It is unfortunate that your are having trouble in running X-Plane on your high spec PC.  X-Plane is a simulation package not a game.

Despite what expertise you have in trying to solve the problem it is always prudent to attach the Log.txt file so that others of a greater knowledge base than me, and possibly you, can pick the "hidden gem" message within the file indicating your fault/problem.

The file version to be attached is generated when your system crashes or immediately after you have a normal shut down. 


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It is unfortunate that your are having trouble in running X-Plane on your high spec PC.  X-Plane is a simulation package not a game.

What does that mean?

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Well I second the stutters problem with X-plane 11.3.  I can't say for certain when it was but they got worse recently. It could have been a couple of days ago after I started X-plane 11 and got an update notification.  I did the update.  It seems after that the stutters were 24/7 after every time I started a flight.  Knowing that over rendering can cause problems, I minimized all the graphics settings.  I was flying out of Craig airport near Sandalwood (Jax, Florida).  I still got stutters upon banking the plane (while turning).  Same while taxiing at the airport.  Every time I made a turn, the stutters were just annoying.  The stutters may not have been the same as the orignial poster's.   There were no cpu spikes or anything like that.  These were like minute hesitations occuring every fraction of a second at regular intervals reminding  me of an old timey movie (with one cranking the projector by hand or it was filmed that way). Anyway I got them too and not very happy with it.  Here's my log.tx after my last run a while ago today: