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Hi, i need to buy because of business needs the newest Macbook pro (2,7 GHz Quad‑Core Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost bis zu 4,5 GHz) mit 128 MB eDRAM, 2 GB SSD ,16GB Ram ) the system will be dual boot 1,5gb OSX and 0,5 gb for windows. For my IFR Training i intend to configure the machine in such a way that the big screen is external VGA and the Garmin 530 should be the 13" local screen. i use my existing Opencockpits system (that dicdates windows) 

so my question would this work ? i am not interested in Scenes only fluent KNOB handling IFR Approaches SID and use G1000 hardware and or Garmin 530 430 to prepare for real flying ? is that feasible ? i would like to spent extra 1200 euro not for extra Windows pc ,.. because i roam a lot 

i now consider a MAC BOOK Pro 15" 32GB Ram ,  6‑Core Intel Core i9 so that should do it right ? 

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Hi tkamsker,

I am not from Laminar Research, just a flight simmer.

Download the demo version and try X-Plane in the first instance.  When you select your aircraft and press the go button you will have a 10 minute time limit.

Although X-Plane is developed using Macs, Laminar Research staff have recommended, in this forum, to run X-Plane on a windows based PC.  I am also of the opinion that you may have a visual problem with a 15 inch screen.  You certainly will with a 13 inch screen.

The other major issue you will need to consider is adequate cooling.  X-Plane is resource hungry and generates heat in the CPU and GPU. If you don't have sufficient/adequate cooling your PC or laptop will crash with a "blue screen".   Gaming laptops have added cooling. 

Good luck.


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Hi Glenn 

Thank you 

the problem is that i didn't buy the Macbook so far and the input will decide which pc i buy. 

i know about demo and i run now the X11 on an I5 PC under windows. My intention is dual bot anyway because of open cockpits. 

The minimum PC i get will be an 15" Mac Book pro ,32GB Main ,1TB HDD SDD, and 2,6 GHz 6‑Core Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost bis zu 4,3 GHz) mit 9 MB gemeinsam genutztem L3 Cache or 2,9 GHz 6‑Core Intel Core i9 

because it may make more sense to buy an faster Book than invest in 2 PC´s i use the Book for Software development (docker etc ) and CAD Station 

but does it save me from being an dedicated gaming PC which adds 1200 as well ? And i would use the external Screen for flying and configure "main" as GNS530 ;)- (And i need the Setup to train my IFR capabilities i have real world CPL/IFR ) 

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