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I just converted from p3d to X-Plane. I own an Eizo EV3237-BK 4K UHD monitor. The font (menu) size in x-plane is so incredible small, that I almost need a magnifier glass for using x-plane. This is no fun at all. Some help would be nice.

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I just added what I thought was an update to this question at the bottom of this thread. Unfortunately it only posted to the thread and not visable to the "New" /update questions. Sorry being new to this forum, I am use to AVSIM's forums formats.


Bottom line is the problem asked over a year ago still exists in X-Plane 11 when using 4K monitors/TVs. I just bought a new 50 inch Samsung 4KTV and can barely read the pull down menu with a magnifying glass.  Please see the rest of my comments/questions below.





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Hi Tom,

Unfortunately we don't have a way to increase the size of the in-sim text yet. You can set the resolution to 1080p to get faster fps, bigger text, and in the saved GPU you can turn up the anti-aliasing.
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Users should be able to use X-Plane with modern monitors
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Hi Tom,

Have a look at the following link.  It was made about 6 months ago.  It also confirms what jroberts is saying as well.

The presenter sells computers, particularly dedicated for X-plane.  The company is also the recommended company in the US by the developer of X-plane ie Laminar Research.  I am also of the opinion that the staff who operate this computer company are also involved, possibly work for Laminar Research, and sell computers as a side line operation.  

Michael has his own Youtube site with a lot of other good videos.

Here is the link,



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Hi Glenn,

thank you for your reply and your help. Please allow me to say, you missed the topic a bit or I explained the issue not clear enough. I do not have a fps performance problem. I have a user interface (Menu) font is so tiny and therefore not readable and clickable problem. The airplanes (3D despiction) work great with my 4K monitor, it's a dream to fly them :-)

kind regards


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Again, don't not run in full screen mode.  Run in window mode and make as large as you can.  I had the same problem with my 32' 4K monitor. Let me know if this helps.
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It has been over a year since this originally posted and still there appears to be no/zero fixes for the super small fonts in the pull down menu/data block (fps etc) in X-Plane 11 when using 4K monitors/TVs.


I just bought a new Samsung 50" 4K TV to use as my computer monitor and I still need to use a magnifying glass to read/mouse over the pull down menu and to view the data box that contains the fps cpu/gpu infor. Yes the user interface has a selection to increase it's size "Only" but trying to get there from the full screen is almost impossible unless you put the sim on freeze first and make several attempts selecting the desired menu item.


If Windows 10 has the ability to enlarge fonts and icons on the desktop on a 4K screen, why can't this ability be brought into the code for X=Plane 11? We can already zoom the panel/ screen to see everything "EXCEPT" a larger pull down menu/data box.

I hope the X-Pane staff is already hard at work trying to resolve this problem, especially since 4K screens are becoming the "Norm" and the 1080 size will gradually be going away. The 8K and beyond screens are just coming into view now and so we had better get a fix on this menu problem or will will need "Electron" microscopes to read the pull down menus. : )