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Hello, Can you help?

I recently purchased a CXC Simulations simulator, I also purchased the X-Plane program with their controls. Single engine planes and jets fly fine. But at takeoff, in multi engine planes, the plane immediately turns to the right and off the runway;  I'm always in the cockpit view and noticed the right side engines were not running. I was able to  configure my controls to incorporate the engine starters to try to correct this. It didn't work! It seems all engines are running and yet the air craft continues to turn to the right and off the runway, it will not get enough speed to get off the ground

I started clicking buttons in the cockpit, a big mistake, and still the same problem.

However in A.I. it works fine.

Can you tell me how to fix this issue?



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Hi Rick,

When controls seem to go funky, the usual plan of attack is:

  1. Move the preferences folder to the desktop. Restart X-Plane to get back to the default settings & see if it's fixed.
  2. Move any custom scenery, plug ins, or third party add ons to the desktop and retry.
  3. Run the installer to repair any damaged or missing files.
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The multi engine throttle controls are all independent, you either need to use the keyboard to advance each engine separately or have a joystick programmed to advance all throttles forward at once. There is no command yet allowing a single throttle to advance all engines. without this capability, aircraft commit vmc rolls on takeoff. I have been unable to program a single throttle to operate all engines together.

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