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lost my password for X-plane-11  , 9  dvd by aerosoft edition . Even in my steam edition is the kiosk mode now locked too.(very strange)

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Hi Jurjen,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

How many versions of X-Plane do you have installed on your PC?  My guess is you are getting conflict between the installations.

The Aerosoft DVD version is an official version from Laminar Research sold in disc format.  The steam version is a 3rd party hybrid (modified) by others taking a commercial advantage of the development work by Laminar Research.  Steam is not sold by and or supported by Laminar.  The steam version will not mix with Laminar version and vice-versa.  They are not the same product 

You need to decide which version you want to use and delete the other version.

To restore the "kiosk' key for the DVD version you need to contact Laminar Research direct at info@x-plane.com  You will not get assistance in this forum.


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