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When I move the camera the cloud shadows moves with it which creates a really odd flickering. I am certain that this is because of clouds because the flickering doesn't occur if there are no clouds. I have tried uninstalling FSE and ReShade separately and neither attempt worked. If you've got a fix for this please respong ASAP.

EDIT: here's my log. Observe that it is generated once I put back the ReShade and FSE plugins, since I concluded those weren't the direct cause of the problem. Log.txt

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Hi FilleKanin,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

At present there is scant comments from Laminar Research in answering problems so you have to rely on other flight simmers to hopefully solve your problem.  Depending on where they reside depends on how quick you get a response.

In the meantime please attach your log.txt file not the X-Plane Installer Log.txt file.  This file is generated immediately after you shut down or your system crashes.  Generally this file will indicate the possible cause of a problem.

To attach the file follow the process advised in the following link developed by "Greengolfer15" found at



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Hello Glenn, thanks for your response. I have now attached a log, please have a look at it if you feel like you might learn something from it regarding my issue.
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Hi FilleKanin,

Before I discuss the log.txt file when was the last time you upgraded your graphics card driver?  I would suggest you upgrade if you haven't done so in recent times.

I would also suggest running the installer program.  In doing so it should add any files that are missing and or replace X-Plane files that are corrupted.

Then run your system to see if the problem is solved

I am a "long way" in being an expert in reading the log.txt file.

I was unable to find any indication causing the cloud problem. 

However some observations I have deduced from the file script.

1.  It is one of the longest files I have perused without a lot of add-ons  or plugins.

2.  My presumption is your preferred aircraft for flying is the Flight Factor A320

3.  The script advises that you have a number of aircraft loaded that are no longer supported as indicated  0:00:13.876 W/ACF: Scanning of aircraft files is complete. Some of your aircraft files will not be available to fly in X-Plane, probably because they were created by a version of X-Plane that is too old. Aircraft that will be ignored: 0:00:13.876 W/ACF:     Aircraft/Mediocre planes/ATR 72-500/ATR72.acf

4.  Also script indicates that your version of the A320 aircraft is not supported or out of date.  If you have recently purchased the aircraft you need to determine if it has been updated for XP11  Although I am of the opinion the type of aircraft should not effect the out of cockpit visuals I would suggest temporarily moving the A320 directory away from the XP directory and select another aircraft. to ascertain if the problem is solved.

5.  I am aware that to run some plugins the FlyWithLua file(s) are required.  Script also suggests to me that you may need to update the FlyWithLua file/version.  My reading of the script suggests this is causing problems as well.   

Hope the above is of some benefit.

The worst case scenario is to move the full "plugins directory" out of XP then run XP to determine if the problem still exists.  If it doesn't then progressively add each plugin back until the problem starts again.

Good luck


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Alright Glenn so...

I have updated my graphics card driver, and I ran the installer.

2. Not exclusively but it is a nice aircraft and I just bought the BSS sounds soooo... :)

3. I have now deleted the entire folder with "Mediocre aircraft", I highly doubt I'll ever fly them anyways because of how bad they are.

4. I doubt the 320 is out of date but I'm not 100% sure. I have the Matavia mod V2 installed if that might be part of the issue shown in the log.

5. I do see that there's a new version of Lua on the ORG, so I'll go ahead and update that.

Bottom line though, my issue seems to have been resolved by itself. If it ever reoccurs I will be sure to try to get in touch again. Thanks for all your help, greatly appreciated.

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Glad to know you are back up and running.