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I has wondered, the IOS system on the iPad already made a great job in Graphics and Processing, and now iPadOS is coming on our way, LR has already uploaded X-Plane 10 mobile version, but just a few places and cannot have much add-ons, is there possibility to put an X-Plane Global on the App Store and can able to have X-plane shop’s add-ons, such as iPad Pros, they have great CPU and GPU, I really hoped that LR can make one.

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Hi Thomas,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

The information I have is there is no more development work being done for X-Plane 10 mobile.  X-Plane 10 is no longer updated and the same applies for the mobile version.  LR have indicated in earlier Q&As for requests like yours to the extent that a XP11 version is on the drawing boards but not a top priority at the moment.

As your question is related to a development issue that a user issue I would suggest you contact LR direct with your thoughts at info@x-plane.com

Good luck


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