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It all happened a while ago. Where i basically f**ked up XP11 by downloading a XP10 addon. Then i could barely start XP11. Now i managed to uninstall it (i think). And now it says i cant start the simulator cuz of "Shader files being unbalanced". Even tho i have never touched them. I would like some help. Sorry if i sucked at describing my issue. But i do not know what is going on.

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Try Going into the Xplane 11 Installer and updating it even if there are none available. It will ask you something like "Permission to overwrite old files" and you can say yes, and it should reinstall those files.
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The beauty of X-Plane is that it doesn't install anything into Windows...

Everything is in the X-Plane11 directory.

Search there for your shader folder and move it out....


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