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I just purchased X-Plane 11. The Flight School lessons are awesome! More, please! :)

I'm a pilot, but haven't flown in years, so they have been a great refresher - even for someone just starting out (which is likely the vast majority), would really be aided by additional Flight School lessons. To me, because of it, X-Plane becomes that much more valuable to me; it's not a "game".

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It isn't announced currently.
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Hi glassfish,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

I presume the lessons you have mentioned are found at the following link found at

If I am correct then the following link may be of some benefit as well found at  This link found at has no association with the developers of X-Plane.

The following link found at may be of some benefit as well.  The product is purchased software whereby you put your past knowledge back into service at it gives you a rating.  I have the product but not fully installed and or upgraded to XP11.  There are addon packages whereby you can speak with the instructor watching your progress.  I understand the male voice is a comedian as well

Good luck.


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Hi glassfish,

I don't know what progress you have made in finding more flying lessons?

In my last paragraph I gave you a reference to a package from FSFlyingSchool in Ireland.  If you have a look at the following link you can obtain the products through X-Plane.Org who are running 4th July specials at some discount pricing.  The packages I mentioned are all on special.  The link can be found at

Hope this helps