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When I launch X Plane, it tries to download again, even though I have already downloaded it. Is this just an update? If it was, would an update really take as long as it estimates?

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Hi josh,

I am not from Laminar Research, just a flight simmer from downunder.

Without seeing your log.txt file I strongly suspect you are trying to start X-Plane with the X-Plane Installer.exe file instead of the X-Plane.exe file.

All 3 files can be found in the root directory of your X-Plane software installation.  Try the change when attempting to start.  It should work.

If this doesn't solve your problem attach your log.txt file which is created every time you crash or shut down.  Details on how to attach the file can be found here at  https://questions.x-plane.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=17830136656522860642 

Good luck.


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Thank you very much for answering! Where do I go to change that file to X-Plane.exe? Do I have to launch X-Plane first and then change it?

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Hi Josh,

In answer to your last question the answer is NO.

What is your operating system?  Windows or something else?

Are you trying to start X-Plane using an icon on the desktop?  You say  "When I launch X-Plane....."  how or what do you do?  Please explain in more detail what action you take from when the PC is turned on.

Are you the sole user of the PC or others use it as well?

Can you please attach your log.txt file so that I can hopefully determine where and how you have installed X-Plane.  I have given you details on how to attach the file.


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Hi Glenn,

My operating system is a MacBook Air laptop. I know, this is probably not the best choice for rendering performance, but it works pretty decent for gameplay.

I downloaded X-plane from Steam, and I can either launch X-Plane from Steam or with the desktop icon. When I launch X-Plane from the desktop icon, the main page loads (with the options of new flight, load saved flight, etc. With the 737 cockpit in the background) and then I can play it. I will also tell you that my laptop does not have enough storage by its self, so I had to buy a separate hard drive that has enough storage to support X-Plane. So when ever I go to play X-Plane, I plug in the hard drive (X-Plane will not launch with out it plugged in).

Yes, I am the sole user of the laptop.

I have followed the instructions from the link that you sent me:


Hope this helps,


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Hi Josh,

Two pieces of bad news.

From reading your last comment tells me you are starting your Steam version of X-Plane as you would start the Laminar Research version of X-Plane ie you are not using the installer file as I originally suspected.  The official and original version of X-Plane normally launches from the desktop and from no other 3rd party icon or location you have described as being steam.

You are currently seeking help on the Laminar Research X-Plane forum.

Because you are using a steam version of X-Plane you should seek out a steam forum.  The steam version is a 3rd party hybrid (modified) version of Laminar X-Plane version and is taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar.  The official and original version of X-Plane software will not mix and match with the steam version.  There is no connection between Laminar and steam.  The steam version installs differently to the official x-plane version

The log.txt file you have attached is not fully readable to understand  Normally the file scrolls down the page with each line of comment one under the other.  Your file has scrambled the text across the page with each line attached immediately after the previous line or comment until it reaches the text width limit and then does a "return" and starts again on the left hand side.

Good luck.

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It did not come to my attention that the Steam version was much different from the original Laminar Research one. Do you know which version has a better rendering performance?

Was the Steam version the reason that my log.txt was different? And do you know if the Steam version will affect the X-Plane.org website where you can download other aircraft and scenery?

I will try to get the best version that suits my MacBook, whether that is the Steam or Laminar Research version.

Thank you very much for helping me!
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Hi Josh,

I will respond with respect to each paragraph in your last comments.

Rendering is totally dependent on the configuration of your computer. and the configuration of X-Plane.  The rendering also impacts on the frame rates.  The more powerful your unit is the higher frames rates will be achieved.  I have no knowledge of Steam other than what I have previously advised.

I cannot give a definate answer.  I have seen a couple of other steam/log.txt files like yours but earlier today I opened a file that was in the normal configuration arrangement.  The file was extremely long/large because there were quite a number of errors generated.  It was possibly the longest file I had ever opened.

I understand that items purchased from X-Plane.Org will work with Steam as well.  Also be aware that X-Plane has a great list of aircraft and scenery packages that are free or donation ware.  Donation ware is where you pay the developer a fee or contribution based on what you think the package is worth.  Support this site as it is a dedicated site just for X-Plane users.

My instinct will always be to purchase from Laminar as you will automatically support the developers and demonstrate that their product is of some benefit.

Some additional information. Consider or reject.  In the event you intend to upgrade the unit you use for x-plane seriously consider the purchase of a windows based system.  X-plane, particularly more so with Xp11 is resource hungry in the GPU and CPU and consequently will generate heat.  The heat has to be dispersed quickly necessitating the need for cooling fans.

A purpose built PC has the added advantage of being easily upgrading individual components as and when you can afford them or the technology requirements change  The cost of a Mac system built to the same specs as a high end windows machine will cost you an arm and leg over what you will pay for the PC unit.

Hope this all helps and good luck.

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I believe I have found the cause of X-Plane downloading again- I forgot to eject the extra hardware I use for XP11 and all of the data on the hard drive was lost so it had to download it all again. if I continue to have numerous problems, I will consider switching to Laminar Research or even downloading X-Plane 10.

I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I will definitely refer to you  in the future I need any help!

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Hi Josh,

Glad to hear that you have possibly found a solution.

If and when you change to a Laminar version of X-Plane you need to ensure any other version is totally deleted from your system.  Again when and or if you make the change to Laminar contact me through the private message system within this forum if you need additional help.

To send a private message you need to login to this forum in the first instance.  Then in the top RHS corner of the Q&A page there is a box with green borders where you type in my login name.  Then click on the magnifying glass and it will take you to another screen whereby you then click on the green "private message" box.  You will then be provided with a box to ask (type) your question.  Don't forget to send the message.

As a side issue I am not able to answer your XP10 mobile/Mac question.

Good flying


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