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Today I wanted to do a flight from RJTT to RJOO, however, when I loaded my A320 of Flight Factor, I noticed that the sky was continuously changing its time, going from noon to midnight and vice versa. I tried to turn off the real time option in the flight configuration menu, but the same problem continued to occur. I deleted my preferences folder loads of times and ran the updater to check if any files needed to be fixed. Moreover, this is not the first bug that happens: other occurred in all the previous versions of xPlane 11 and, not having any version without problems, I tried the betas, which seem not to work. Can you please help?


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Check if you have sped up time mistakenly. Your keyboard mapping should provide the right key to reset this.
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I found out that it was maybe a problem of the 11.35 beta. I downgraded to the 11.34 version of xPlane and now it doesn't happen anymore.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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