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Please check log file below.

1. During flight, suddenly stopped with "Program No response"

2. During loading new flight, suddenly stopped with "Program No response"

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Try press windows button on your keyboard its to the left.

Press windows icon+d.    That should be it.

It takes you out of the program or the window you are in :)
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Hi Dawson,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

I have viewed your log.txt file.  It tells me a few things.

Firstly you have installed your software incorrectly.  It should be installed directly to the desktop as recommended in the users manual or into a dedicated standalone X-Plane directory or onto a dedicated drive.  Not into program files (x86).  Not as you have done.  if you do not want to risk corruption.

Secondly, you are in the wrong forum.  You need to take your problem to a steam forum.  The forum you are in is dedicated to users of the official version of X-Plane developed by Laminar Research.

Steam is not a Laminar Research product.  It is a 3rd party modified hybrid version of x-plane.  It is not the exact same product and cannot be mixed and matched with Laminar's version.  Steam is taking a commercial advantage of the development work by Laminar Research.  Steam only updates after Laminar officially releases that update. It is usually days after.  There is no commercial link between either party.  If you try to purchase the steam version through Laminar you will be directed away from their site.

I don't support steam.  You may find a solution to your problem.