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Hello world,

I just begun to build my own two seater C172 sim at home and I faced some issues I’d like to share with you as I hope that you may finde a minute to adress the question and give a little hint.

I'd like to alter the (standard Laminar Research or else) C172 aircraft in PlaneMaker in order to disable unwanted 3D objects to make it look better in my sim cockpit. This is done in order to see just the struts and wings in the side displays and the top of the engine cowl in the front display (3 dislays in a 90° angle). Btw: I am new to Plane Maker.

Here is the problem: Whenever I disable/delete  a cockpit 3D object like the interior trims (roof, doors, floor etc.) I am always left with a bright blue sky surface in the sim itself where the trims used to be. Deleting the seats, the pilot, the windows etc. doesn’t bring up this effect. I tried to turn off prefill in PM and safe the airplane but that does not do the trick. But when I look up the datafref prefill in XP11 and set the value to 1 (it still is set to 0), it kinda works. But somehow I doubt that this is the right way.

Simply asked: How does one manage to show just the wanted parts from the inside view properly?

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Kind regards!

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And almost five years later, I have the same question!   If the OP found a solution and could reply back that would be most helpful.