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I saw this video from Lucaas and noticed when the real-life plane landed it gave off white smoke, while X-Plane did not. I did some research and turns out, its because of the gear rubbing against the runway. I thought, why dosen't X-Plane have it. This is the first time I realized something that happens in real-life dosen't happen in the game, there may be other features that happen in real-life that I don't even know about.

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Hi Adrian,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Does the following link found at https://x-plane.com/manuals/desktop/index.html#enablingasmoketrail help?


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Hey Glenn,

Smoke trails and landing gear smoke are two different things. Smoke trails come from behind the plane while landing gear smoke comes from the gear itself. I swear the landing gear smoke used to be in the game. I already know about the smoke trails.

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Hi Adrian,

I am not able to assist anymore.  Good luck

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it is in the X-Plane, are your graphics settings low for visual affects? i run it at high/maximum settings and have tire smoke, it appears to me you have lower settings than i do which may be the reason you dont see tire smoke if you could get me a picture of your graphics settings that would be great
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Is this good?

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