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Hello I want to know how to make passenger terminals move. It will make the game more realistic and fun. Btw do you need an add-on to do this?

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It will take a strong earthquake to make the passenger terminals move.  However, if it’s the Jetways (or jet bridge) you want, yes, you’ll need an add-on.   smiley

But it’s a bit more complicated than just a plug-in…

First, you’ll need to install a plug-in such as AutoGate by Marginal.  The plug-in by itself, will not do much.  It needs a bit of work to be integrated into the airport scenery.  Fortunately, the work has already been done by many of the available scenery packages…

Second, install an airport scenery with existing AutoGate support.  Try this KSAN package by MisterX6:  Now, X-Plane is ready.  The rest is up to you…

Start the sim with a supported aircraft (with engines started), such as the default B737-800.  You should immediately see the jetway pulling away, with an alarm bell sound.  When you arrive back at a gate with available jetway, you need to do the following: Taxi in by lining up with the marked taxi line.  Follow the direction of the marshaller to come to a complete stop.  Engage your parking brake, and shut off the engines.  After you’ve done all that acceptably, the jetway will connect with your aircraft.