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I uninstalled the FlyWithLua Core plugin, plus its original compressed download folder. But the plugin persists in the Enable/Disable list.

I must have left a fragment of it somewhere because I get the Lua Stopped message on start-up. I then have to go to the Disable list to confine X-Plane to the FlyWithLua NG plugin.

How do I eliminate the FlyWithLua Core plugin altogether so that I don't have this grief?

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HI Gonebush,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Try a search using file manager (windows based system)  for the FlyWithLua directory within the X-Plane diectory.  When found highlight the directory and all files within that directory and perform a simple "delete" or worse case scenario a "cut" operation.

This should solve your problem provided FlyWithLua  is not installed into other X-Plane directories.  At this stage I do not use FWL.

Hope this helps.


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