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Steam just updated X-Plane 11 to the latest 11.35 update and now my clouds are essentially stretched at 90 degree angle at a top down view. I verified integrity of game files and no luck. I am assuming it is resolution issue but I do not know for sure, Did not happen on 11.34. Pictures provided in google drive link to explain what I am seeing

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Hi xpilot1996,

I am not from Laminar research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Today is your lucky day.  Because you are running a steam version of X-Plane you need to take your problem to a steam forum.  This forum is for x-plane users running the original, official and genuine version developed by Laminar research.

Steam is a 3rd party modified hybrid version of X-Plane.  It does not interact with the LR version ie you can't mix and match.  Steam installs differently to the LR version and is taking a commercial advantage of the development work done by LR.  There is no connection between either party.  If you want to purchase steam through LR, they will automatically direct you away from their site to a steam site.

Steam only updates when LR makes an official release and that is generally days after the official release by LR.  You don't get the benefit of Beta version updates

As you may have reaIised I don't support steam for the above reasons.

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Well I am running the "original, official and genuine version developed by Laminar research" and have the same issue. I am still searching for a solution, short of re-installing the whole lot. A temporary fix for me, was to change the antialiasing to something different in the graphics settings (problem solved at that point) then revert the antialiasing setting to what it was (problem still solved).

Please note this fix is temporary in nature and the problem will return upon restarting the sim. If I find the permanent fix, I'll let you know.