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my son is using xplane 10 on his iPad. He just purchased a new plane. When he did that the previous planes he’d purchased have disappeared. Where are they? Thanks

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I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under

I am not conversant with running X-Plane on a tablet whether it be an iPad or android tablet but what I do know is you have asked your question in the Laminar Research controlled forum which is part of Laminar,s business through .  

Laminar does not sell 3rd party addon aircraft..  The only aircraft supplied or made available by Laminar  are those aircraft supplied when the original purchase of X-Plane is made.

Because you have asked your question on this site you may have become be confused with the site dedicated to X-Plane users and can be found at  

Laminar has no connection with this site.

If you have purchased from that site then raise your question there.  If you have made a purchase from another site then you need to contact that 3rd party reseller.