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I´ve been flying X plane 11 for a while, and now run 11.35. Through the last three-four updates, the wind is always calm in the sim, when using real world weather or FS Global Real Weather engine. In the weather customization section, it does state that there are several wind layers, but this does not appear in the sim it self - I can see that on my instructor panel on my second monitor, and in the aircraft displays.

Weather data like clouds and temperatures all load in perfectly, in a realistic fashion, but the winds and turbulence is not loaded into the sim properly.

As I suspected the problem might be with a bug originating from a downloaded custom scenery, I tried to reinstall the whole game from steam, with a new download, just to start the whole thing over - but all the downloaded files like aircrafts and custom scenery was installed the way it was. I don´t know which files are default, and required to run the sim properly, and which ones are not, so I don´t dare to delete all the files in there manually.

Please help!



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Hi Lars,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Because you are running a steam version you need to read the answer provided in the following link found at https://questions.x-plane.com/25601/problem-with-737-pfd-after-update-to-11-35?show=25602#a25602


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