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I bought the airfoillabs King Air 350 today and i CANT TURN THE AIRCRAFT I HAVE NO YOKE BINDED TO MY COMPUTER HELP!!!!

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Hi Marco,

You know where I am from having answered previous questions of yours.

What hardware are you trying to use to run your new aircraft?   Be more specific in relation to you problem.

From your previous postings you have other aircraft.  Are you wanting to use the same controller for the King Air 350.  

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I am using mouse as a joystick/yoke to control the aircraft. The only thing i have related to hardwere is a throttle from saitek. Then i have my mouse its a roccat Kova and my keyboard is a steelseries apex TKL. Thats it but i still have the problem.

Maybe its because the airports i takeoff from is freewere and i downloaded them from MisterX