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Having recently updated my HMD from an Oculus cv1 to the new Rift S, I have found the low-light performance of the LCD based display to be relatively poor for dawn, dusk and night flying in VR. Blacks and dark areas within the cockpit and elsewhere appear to take on a misty or smokey appearance. I'm certain it's not the headset because other VR apps available from the Oculus Store do not exhibit the same issue and indeed, reading a number of X Plane forums, several other users are experiencing the same problem. Although I'm not certain, my guess would be that the existing native VR support within the current version of X Plane 11 is optimised for the OLED cv1 and therefore doesn't work too well, particularly in low-light conditions, for the LCD alternative of the Rift S. Has anybody else experienced the same issue and does anyone know if LR plan to address this issue in the furure by perhaps detecting or requesting user input as to which HMD is being used? Many thanks in advance for any feedback.

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