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I have tried to open x plane 11 this morning to get this message that x plane 11 is totally out of memory which is really strange because I've had x plane 11 running on this for months on end without problems. i researched it tried to follow some possible solutions and none of them have worked?

any ideas? ( can't upload log.txt as it says its larger than 2GB???)

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Theres your problem Ben.
Something is writing errors to your Log.txt and it is filling up the memory!
I would guess it is quite a bit larger than 2Gb
Have you recently installed Live Traffic? It has a setting which logs all instances of ai aircraft, which can quickly fill the Log file.
The best bet is to open Log.txt and see which program is hogging the resources. Remove it and confirm that it was the culprit. Research possible conflicts and only add it back once conversant with all the settings.
Hope this helps
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i try to open the log.txt but i cant as it says too large for notepad, tried to remove things from the folder like preferences and plugins extra aircraft etc and it didnt work, i dont have any live traffic installed.

i have deleted x plane 11 and going to reinstall to see if this solves the problem, made some back ups of the files i want to keep...
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Try opening it in a word-processor?
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simply check windows 10 explorer for how much disc space you have.

make sure you have like 10GB free space at all times.

re-boot your system, often helps to clean out stucks.
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I had this problem today, log.txt was 6.6 GB.  I deleted the log.txt file and restarted X-Plane normally.  All has been good several times restarting.