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In 11.35 the default King Air shows "L fuel press" and "R fuel press" in the annunciator panel when the engines are running... I can make the messages go away by turning on the booster pumps, but they come back if I turn them off... this never used to happen in prior versions... any thoughts??… thx.

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This is correct behavior, the real C90 behaves the same.

You can fly without boost pumps, but this will turn on the low fuel pressure light, and you are limited to 10 hours of engine operation with the light on. After 10 hours flying with low pressure, the engine driven fuel pump needs to be overhauled because it is likely that it has cavitation damage from sucking the fuel all on its own. So, boost pumps on for all normal operations.
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I have the same type of issue with the same aircraft. I have reset ALL the failures  by changing them and resetting them back to "always working" as well as changing the time between failures to 500 hours. This has resolved the problem temporarily at least. Perhaps Laminar will fix the bug at the next update?

Another sim pilot

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Hi dhplane and nnexus,

I am not with Laminar Research, just a flight simmer from down under.

As you are both having the same problem then I suggest you lodge a "bug report" as it will not be fixed in the next release.

The next release is XP11.40 and has been released as a special "beta' testing release of which a certain number of flight simmers will be selected for the testing.  

There will be no new problems considered for inclusion in the next release.  It will be considered in any future releases, but not now.  Have a look at the following from the creator of X-Plane, Austin Meyer, found at

So, as I indicated in the beginning, lodge a bug report.  Details on how to lodge the report can be found here at

Good luck