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With the Laminar C172 in v11.40b1 (noticed the same thing in v11.36) there is a serious lag in the aileron response - this with the CH yoke and pedals. The realism/sensitivity sliders are all set to 0%. With the rudder and elevators, the response is what I'd expect, quick. With the ailrrons, the ailerons lag significantly behind the control input - quite unrealistic. This can be easily seen in the calibration menu, in the curve menu, and by watching an outside view of the aircraft.

Anyone seen anything similar- is there a setting I'm missing? Thanks.

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I have not noticed any aileron lag with the L.R. C172.  As far as I can tell/feel, its ailerons are just as responsive as the elevators.  Though I use a joystick, and don’t have a CH yoke.  And since you said the effect can be easily seen in the calibration menu, I don't think this lag would be limited to just the C172, right?

A couple of thoughts: 1. Are you using any driver or software for the CH yoke?  As you probably know, X-Plane should be allowed to interface directly with the controllers.  2. Is your framerate better than 20 FPS?
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Appreciate the response - think I've checked all the items you mention, give it another go this evening. Only first noticed this in v11.36
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Hi Towerkeeper,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

The XP11.40 Beta versions are private releases by Austin Meyer. and are only released or made available by a personal contact with him.

For you to get the beta version you must have contacted Austin direct to get the private release.

When he released the 11.40 beta version he indicated that any problems should be directed back to him.  No other way.  The release was initially offered through the following link found at  or the following link at

You will not get a current answer in this forum.  Contact Austin direct as he has requested.


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Not sure what you mean by having to contact Austin directly on the beta. The regular X-Plane installer .exe has a checkbox for downloading any beta version. That's what I've done - as I remember, it's been that way for some years now. Don't recollect ever asking for a special download.

In fact, in the url you list above, Austin does write that 11.40b1 is a public beta. Also note that I did see this issue in v11.36 - I only mentioned 11.40b1 as that's what I'm using at the moment.
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The confusion came about because Austin had first announced XP 11.40 beta “semi-publicly” more than two weeks ago, as glenfer described.  While the public beta(s) had come out in the last few days for you to download.

Personally, I try to stay away from beta releases.  As aircraft publishers wouldn’t have time, to test and to correct their craft to every—by definition—evolving revision.

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I appreciate what you are saying and what has been the normal but in this case 11.40 beta is basically a private/special case whereby Austin is taking this version on as a special case.

As disc has stated unless you know what you are doing you should stay away from the beta version.

In this case for 11.40 contact Austin direct.  You problem may not be directly related to the what Austin is looking for BUT contact Austin.


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