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Hi, I am using HD textures to fly over my country as it was in real life or close enough. I realized that buildings like the control tower, hangars and so on don't appear while flying around them in the regions where I have installed the HD scenery.

I have the feeling that it might be because the new HD scenery doesn't have airports modeled, and it gets charged over the default scenery (or maybe the default X-Plane 11  one won't even charge if there is a custom scenery for that quadrant).

Is it possible to prioritize regular airports over new HD textures (that apparently don't have them)?

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If your using steam??

steamlibrary > steamapps > common > x plane 11

custom scenery

open: scenery_packs

the files you downloaded should be 'cut and paste' to the bottom of the list (for some reason)

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