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Then install all the update's in sequence, right from the beginning of the  Original Zibo 737-800x release date?

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No need for the “original version”.

To cleanly install the Zibo mod, first install the base version, then the single latest (or desired) update version on top of the base version.  A base version includes the full complete aircraft, e.g. the latest release being, as of this writing.  You can tell a full version by its size—over 1GB.  Next, copy the chosen update files over the already installed base (overwriting some base files), e.g.   The update zip files are much smaller in size.  Each update package is “Cumulative”, i.e. you can go directly from a base to any update file derived from the same base, without the intermediate updates.

As if today, do B737-800X_3_37_full + if you’re on X-Plane 11.36.

Or B737-800X_3_37_full + if you have X-Plane 11.40.