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I am barely able to click anything with the mouse in the game. It takes 5+ clicks every time I want to click a button and it causes the entire screen to flicker on and off and the 'not responding' message to flicker as well. Once I stop trying to click, it usually stops flickering on and off and I'm able to fly the plane relatively well. I have tried updating my graphics card and settings but nothing seems to work.

I am using a Windows 8.1, 64-bit computer @ 4GH.
Installed ram is 16 GB.
Plenty of memory available.
Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX760


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Do you know what FPS you're getting? It sounds like it may be pretty low if mouse click response time is so long. Go to Settings > Data Input & Output & check the last box on line 0 to see the FPS onscreen in the cockpit. 

If low FPS is the issue, you'll need to try adjusting the rendering settings. Large monitors, high resolution, extremely detailed add ons and more can negatively affect FPS. 

While the question is a bit different, I think the response on this issue might be helpful in figuring out if your issue comes from a GPU or CPU bottleneck.