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I've just downloaded the X-Plane 10 on my iPad Pro and everything appears to be working as expected, even the sound. As soon as I connect my Bluetooth headset for a better experience the sound doesn't transfer to the headset. I straight away made sure that I can hear sounds through the music app and other games without any problem but still no sound when using X_Plane!

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Appreciate any help if anyone is experiencing this also!

Thanks in advance..........
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Hi Rmhiggins,

I don't have a bluetooth set to try, but it did work fine with my corded headphones. What bluetooth headset are you using? Name/model, etc. I will file a bug report.
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Hi and thanks for your input. I've tried the head set with a cord that's provided and it still doesn't work but there are a few sounds coming through, strange!!

The headphones are Sony MDR-ZX770BN. They appear to work with all other app on my iPad Pro so I presume it's an issue with the X-Plane simulator app.

I look forward to hearing what you might be able to find out, thanks in advance.

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Hi Richard,

One thing just to double check: the sound settings.  Please confirm the volume is all the way up on your device and in the app (tap the gear icon on the main page).
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Hi Jroberts,

Yes, all the audio settings are at their highest and iPad volume at full. The strange thing is, is that whilst other Apps can be heard through the headphones as soon as I open X-Plane the sound reverts back to the iPad although totally ignoring the Bluetooth connection!!

Hope that helps?

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I am also experiencing this on my Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones. I am playing X-Plane 10.2.1 on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 9.3.2. Like Richard, I have never experienced this issue with any other app.
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Exact same problem. Version 10.3.2(64). iPad iOS 10. Bluetooth headphones work fine on all other media apps, as soon as I start x-plane, Bluetooth is disabled and sound is directed through the iPad speakers.

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