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The new macbooks don't come with dvd drives.  I'd rather not have to re-buy x-plane.  Can I convert this to a digital download version which doesn't need the dvd?  I am using the x-plane 10 regional north america DVD.

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Please contact customer support at [email protected]. They can evaluate this on a case by case basis.

If you already have X-Plane installed on a computer you might be able to work around this by copying the existing installation to a back up of some kind (external hard drive, etc) and then moving it to the new computer. There is a USB key you can purchase that is cheaper that will keep you out of demo mode.

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If you have access to a mac with a DVD drive simply use Disk Utility to make a DMG image of DVD 1, copy this to your lap top.

Use automator to create an app that mounts the disk image then launches X Plane - works fine ;-)


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You can also use CD sharing from any other Mac or Windows computer.